Crime Stories by The Adventure Company


As a brilliant researcher, Martin Mystère has just been invited to investigate the brutal murders of the famous science teacher Eulemberg. What interesting discovery did the professor find, and why is he dead now?

From the bustling streets of New York to the ancient Mayan ruins, the murder investigation takes you around the world while experiencing many interesting and dangerous adventures.

Only you can solve this horrible crime and its secret …


Martin Mystère

Scientist, archaeologist, specialist; Martin Mystère is always looking for puzzles. Martin’s very strange adventures have found him around the world in search of answers to the greatest puzzles of life, whether scientific, historical or esoteric. As a threatening researcher, Martin deals with what is not explained by a high dose of scepticism, but is nevertheless capable of remaining open in all possible cases. However, his ability to laugh at himself and his many weaknesses are his best quality.

Java, his assistant

Java comes from an isolated village in Mongolia and is a faithful assistant to Martin. As a man endowed with many talents and few words, the Javanese is an intuitive man who has a strange and almost cathartic relationship with nature. Martin has known Java for years and although his personality may be very different from that of Martin, he is still a precious product and an unwavering friend.

Diana, Martin’s wife

Diana is patient and enterprising and married to Martin for years. Martin is an important friend who is often asked for advice. The intelligent and wise Diana also has a bad sense of humor which she trusts, which undermines Martin’s particular way of working.

Professor Eulemberg, the victim

The 66-year-old professor is a famous scholar and professor who has written many books on the history of civilization and ancient texts. As an avid gardener and art collector, the teacher is a childless widow who lives in a charming town at 4 Purple Rose Street. With his death, the scientific world has lost one of its most extraordinary minds.


A cinematic research thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat for hours!

Beautifully detailed 3D graphics for the richest and most colorful environment to discover.

A third party game with several inventory items that can be found and communicated.

Creative and original puzzles that will test you!

Talk to many characters and help them in your research: choose what you want to say to them.

A dark and scary story about betrayal and murder!

The rich atmospheric soundtrack follows the game and adapts to its environment. This game is now followed up with a slot based game.



Operating system: Windows® 98 / ME / 2000 / XP

CPU: Pentium® 3 850 MHz processor or equivalent

Process memory: 256 MB

Video: 35 MB DirectX® 9.10c compatible

CD 1 / DVD-ROM: 16x

Sound: 18-bit DirectX® compatible

Storage space: 700 MB

Input: keyboard, speakers and mouse.


Operating system: Windows® XP

Processor: 1.8 GHz Pentium® 4 microprocessor or equivalent

RAM: at least 512 MB

Video: 64 MB compatible with DirectX® 9.0c or higher

CD / DVD-ROM: 32x

Sound: ZAX-Fi222 ™ series Sound Blaster®

Storage space: 2.0 GB

Input: mouse, keyboard, and speakers

Step into the world of Crime

Play as an interesting researcher from Martin Mystère and investigate the brutal murder of the famous scientist Eulemberg. What interesting discovery did the professor find and why did he die now? A journey from New York’s bustling streets to ancient Mayan ruins to investigate this murder.

Only you can solve this terrible crime and the secret is hidden …

A cinema that will keep you informed for hours!

Wonderfully detailed 3D graphics in a rich and colorful environment.

Third party games where there is a lot to find and interact with existing things.

Creative and original puzzles to test!

Many people will talk to you and support you in your search: choose what you want to tell them.

A dark and painful story of fraud and murder!

The rich atmosphere follows the course of the game and adapts to your environment.

The ESRB has given thrillers a “T” rating for teenagers and is now available in stores and online now.

Notes on Creator

Born in Milan, Alfredo Castelli began his comic book career at a young age with the creation of Scheletrino, a humorous series for the Italian magazine Diabolik when he was only 16 years old.

In 1966, he and Paolo Sala founded Comics Club 104, the first series of Italian fans dedicated to comics. A year later, Castelli began writing for several Italian comics, including Pedrito el Drito and Piccola Eva. The publishers have published Universo, Cucciolo and Tiramo for Edizioni Alpe and Topolino Mondador.

In 1978, Castelli wrote the Adventures of Allan Quatermain for Supergulp, a scholar who specializes in archaeological secrets and describes the most famous creation of Castelli.

In the same year, Castelli began working with Sergio Bonelli and writing stories for Zagor and Mister. Two years later, she presented Bonell with a new idea for a series based on New York researchers who are studying scientific secrets: after two pregnancies, she founded Martin Mystère in 1982. Originally designed by Giancarlo Alessandrini, the series marks a turning point in the history of popular Italian comics and offers sophisticated and highly mordern themes in a market that is overrun by traditional action adventures for a younger audience. The Martin Mystère stories opened the door and allowed many other new characters on the course, both from Bonell and other publishers.

In 1982, Castelli and Guido Silvestri founded the magazine Eureka. However, he dropped only 12 points. In 1992, Castelli launched a new Zone X series, a Martin Mystère spin-off, which lasted until 1999.

Castelli also wrote a book on the first 25 years of American comics (1895-1919) entitled Here We Are Again Here.