Gaming Review: Crime Stories by The Adventure Company


The crime stories go way, way back to old days and they easily provoke feelings and make for interesting or fascinating characters. They also attract fans of adventure games and the combination has produced this, Crime Stories by Adventure Company.

Crime Stories is a generic title suitable for games that are not as interesting as the adventures of the last criminal investigation company. Crime Stories is based on the world of the famous Italian cartoon Martin Mystère and takes the hero in a mysterious and sweet suspense, with decent proportions to sleep. Adhering to the old mechanics of the adventure game didn’t solve the problem, but the fact that he couldn’t even use the mechanics was enough to make it a precious return to an even more impressive old genre. This game searches for the most necessary and bland pixels and no one should waste time.

The hero Martin Mystère teaches something. Specifically, this has never been fully established, but it is clearly an academic genre. Mystery lives with his wife in a New York house with a caveman (and he’s not just a researcher, he’s a caveman) named Javanese. Several archaeological and literary works are distributed in your house. The man himself clearly offered his luxurious life by solving puzzles. In criminal cases, Mystère is called upon as to investigate the horrific assassination, its subject, the award-winning and esteemed famous professor and teacher named Eulemberg. Prior to your arrival, you need to find the key hidden in the closet, the mechanic’s phone number and the cell phone. Yes, the first game in this game is one of the best thinkers in the world to solve crimes that take more than 45 minutes to dress, find phone numbers and search for cellphones. Invaluable.

Was the crime related to unpaid debts? Was the professor a secret gambler, you will have to study the clues because there are a few casino chips and decks of cards laying about and the signs that he many have been gambling in casino, either as a poker player, blackjack player or something else. Perhaps he would have been better placed to play online casino games( what games you can find at online casino you will find out here: ) and that way not get caught up with potential mob bosses and loan sharks.

But there are more clues to just the usual paraphernalia you attribute with casinos.

Along the way, Mystère gives a stupid sermon by clicking on all the clickable furniture in the house, forcing him to browse countless books, books, works of art and other options and objectives. The bracelet is useless when it comes to looking for objects necessary to access the scenes. To make things more difficult, do the exact same thing, even if you are involved in a crime. When Mystère arrived at the property in Eulemberg, he began to joke about everything he saw. This information is generally not relevant. When you find evidence, it doesn’t always tell you why it is and what it means. He talks about something several times. Suffice it to say that the mystery is not a pleasant protagonist. It’s like a big airbag with a terrible sense of humour and no real personality. This does not mean that all the other characters you meet during the crime caper adventure are any deeper, but that you pass the whole game with the Mysteries and that in the second or third round, you want someone to deadly way.

Apart from Mystere’s hostile personality, history has nothing to do with it. The first hour after Eulemberg’s body was quite interesting, but the evidence found never seemed to have any consequences. Sure, there are exotic passages and interesting twists and turns, but you spend a lot less time creating songs than the unknown way of forcing yourself over and over again. Ordering requires a ticket to enter the club and pick up items to get more information from someone you spoke to. To get tickets you have to go somewhere to talk to someone, go through all the dialogues and go home to get him a book, bring it back, get a ticket, go to the club and find out If the ticket doesn’t work, don’t go back to another place to use the forging tool (you know So go back to the club to use the wrong tickets just to get the item. As a result, the benefits are unsatisfactory or revealing: they only send you on more boring journeys.

It would be a labyrinth if the work itself was not so much. Like all pixel adventure games, Crime Stories finally finds everything you need to do with care. When the mouse icon displays the base station, click it. 75% of clicks are totally irrelevant, but you have to do it to forget the unclear evidence that leads to the next chapter. These adventure games are not new, but there are no great click tools. There are no valid comments and they are not pleasant to see. Everything is ugly and boring all the time.

The biggest and most obvious mistake in criminal mistakes is presentation. The dialogue is very terrible. Partly to blame seems to be the reverse English translation (the game was originally released in Europe some time ago), but the editing is also horrible. If the characters speak and the sentences continue longer than what is allowed in the dialog box at the bottom of the screen, they stop in the middle and repeat the errors a few seconds later when the next part of the line is loaded in the dialog box. . It seems that each character has a William Shatner performance or something like that. They intentionally add “um”, “ers” and other speakers that actually exist, and interrupt the flow of the conversation to the point where people speak only syllables and say nothing that connects them remotely.

The crime story graphics have at least a 3D character model, but the design is just god-damn awful. The main protagonist looks somewhat like the Mickey Rourke character Marv from the Sin City movie and some dude known as Brian Setzer. They all move stiffly and suddenly, and generally moving one character to another does not work well. Mystère lives with someone to whom he speaks directly. The character also looks cloudy. They are very grainy and the details are clearly visible. The environment is just as bad. There are some good places, but the scaling is smoothed by the background coverage and static pixelation. It is not an interesting game without fantasy.

You can play crime stories in six to seven hours if you don’t click on all the base stations you see. However, this will happen long before the puzzle ends. If you try the painful dialogues of Crime Stories, the action is clearly not appealing and the dinosaur game is just an exercise to punish you. Do not waste your time in chaos dispersed like crime stories, even in difficult adventure genres like now.