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New casino games are launched regularly as players demand increase from time to time. The efforts put into games design and development is high financially and technological-wise. Today, we will talk about how Crime Stories is about to launch a new game Las Vegas Casino Diaries, features expected from the game, and the hobbies of the founder of crime stories. The first online casino news portal that will review the game is and you can visit them using this link.

About the New Game

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After so much suspense, Crime Stories is finally about to launch the new game Las Vegas diaries. This new game promises to be exciting and entertaining. Crime stories is about the life of Monica an orphan, who lost all but plans to make a name for herself in the Sin city of the USA, Las Vegas in Nevada.

The creator of the game transited the characters of the film into the casino game. It has some very good animations and game themes expected from a top game producer like Crime Stories. When we talk of casino games, players lookout for good graphics like 3D and this game didn’t disappoint in that aspect. Also, the casino slot game has excellent sound effects.

The scenery is close to perfect with various well-designed casino rooms, roulette tables, and poker shops. Players who love mystery games with a touch of gambling should check it out when it eventually comes.

Features of the New Game “Las Vegas Casino Diaries”

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Features are important to determine if a slot game will get the attention it requires. As Crime Stories is about to launch the new game Las Vegas diaries, here are some features players should expect. It comes with 5 reels and 25 pay lines. With these reels and pay lines, bettors can expect seamless gameplay and themes.

Volatility is a crucial feature of slot games of this kind, and crime stories have designed the game to have a medium to high volatility ratio. Gamblers who wish to have regular winnings with small profits can choose the medium while those interested in having huge wins in a difficult level can choose the high ratio. The Las Vegas diaries games come with about 97.8% RTP and some good bonus features. When you defeat the dealer at Las Vegas at the blackjack table, your bonus multiplies by 15.

Finally, this game has a multiple screen feature. With this feature, bettors’ chances of winning improve as their view of the game gets better. The RNG percentage will be audited by the independent frim iTech Labs.

The Owner of Crime Stories Enjoys Gambling

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A peek into the personal life of the founder of crime stories shows that he takes gambling as a hobby. Although, Crime Stories about to launch the new game Las Vegas diaries, this does not stop the founder of the site from playing other games. Whenever he is free, he enjoys playing other casino games like poker, keno, craps, sic bo, and bingo.

The founder is a master of online casino games as he has in his arsenal, strategies that make him an expert in the gambling scene. Many wonders of it are the inspiration that he gets from playing casino games that make him design wonderful games like this one. The founder insists that gambling should be fun, if it is not please visit

The article has looked at how Crime Stories is about to launch the new Las Vegas games, the dynamics involved, features expected, and the hobbies of its founder.